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Agents of Changes

This Child Protection Unit (CPU) in Aheri, Bijapur, has become a catalyst for change, by turning the rampant child marriage cases in their community, a thing of the past. Right from 2012, when it was formed, the CPU has stopped many child marriages and have found solutions to several problems faced by the children, which were never addressed before. A CPU functions at the village level to reduce the vulnerability of children and protect their rights. Its members include active participants of the children’s club, Village Development Committee (VDC) members, women of Self-Help Groups (SHGs), Anganwaditeachers, ASHA workers, Panchayat representatives etc. It was 24thof the month. All the CPU members gathered at the temple premises, their usual meeting point. 24thday of every month is kept apart for the meeting, as the CPU was formed on that day, six years ago. Every member turns up on time without fail and the meeting goes on for one or two hours. They discuss important matters of the m