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Child Sponsorship


    7 yrs Old - BOY studying - 2
  • Guna sekaran

    11 yrs Old - BOY studying - 6
  • Archana

    10 yrs Old - GIRL studying - 5
  • Ammu

    5 yrs Old - GIRL studying - 1
  • Arundathi

    4 yrs Old - GIRL studying - LKG
  • Abirami

    7 yrs Old - GIRL studying - 3

How We Work


We are committed to the welfare of parentless and abandoned children, often throughout the whole of their childhood to strengthening families & communities as a preventive measure in the fight against child abandonment & social neglect. We care our children with love, protection, shelter nutrition food, sanitized water, health, hygienic, education, psychological development is taken care till the children are settled in their lives.

Women Empowerment

Women are being ignored in fraction of the society in many parts of the world. This in turn, has caused women at large to bear the burnt of inequality, oppression, financial dependability and other social evils. For centuries now, women have been living under bondage that restricts them from achieving professional as well has personal heights....
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Sponsor a elderly parents

Our society has a fate of bearing thousands of destitute elderly parents those do not even have a couple of meals a day and active hard to meet their base needs due to special factors such as age, disability to work, health condition and abandoning by their own children. Thus raised a project named “Sponsor a parent” that meets ....
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Feed the need

Beggars on the road ride should not be encouraged by offering them money instead their hunger can be fulfilled by offering them at least food for one time a day. This project feed the road side hunger can be extended by your generation gift of money on your special days, Donate Now! ....
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To ensure a successful livelihood programme, the community members identify the business activity that is disable for them in the local context and can be sustained. Windows and old aged are trained by technical experts on the best way to promote the business. ....
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Helping Hearts Affirms its commitment to empower visually challenged people become self-reliant by providing comprehensive rehabilitation, education and employment opportunities. We care the aged-blind people by providing basic needs...
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